Full stack clone of Instagram, using Ruby on Rails / Postgres backend and React.js / Redux frontend & AWS cloud storage


Online platforming game using JavaScript HTML and CSS, with MongoDB / Express.js backend for high score leaderboard


A simple meditation timer web app created for personal use. Features calming music and images. Built using React.js

Know It All

A question / answer game with statistics and online search results. Team-built web-application utilizing MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js (MERN).


Destructive photo editor uses custom pixel sorting algorithms to create destructive reimaginations of any uploaded image

Bart Signs

Live updating Bay Area Rapid Transit estimated train departure signs for SF Embarcadero Station, using the BART API

Minor Projects

  • DejumbleA tool for helping solve the Daily Jumble! Work in progress.
  • DressCatA simple game built with JavaScript, CSS & HTML5. Dress the cat!
  • CircusA directory of fun web haiku / micro projects to practice.