A selection of past personal web projects.


Check my games page to play some web games I've made.

Generative Art

Visit my generative art page to see some of my creative coding projects.

Web Projects


Cuboid Producer Bot - An automated twitter bot generating unique cubes daily using GCP, node-canvas. Generated 604 images before free API access was ended by Elon Musk on April 28th 2023

Rain - A little rainy day soundscape and particle effect in native JS.


Instagraff - fullstack Instagram clone app built with Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, and AWS S3. Currently offline, previously hosted on Heroku free.

SneakyButton - A button that doesn't want to be pressed!

Meditate - Online meditation timer with countdown, soundscapes, and calming background images built with React (CRA)

Dijkstra - Pathfinding algorithm visualizer and playground rendered by HTML Canvas and vanilla JS

BART Signs - SF's Embarcadero station with live updating train departure time signs using official BART api and vanilla JS

BandNames - A tool for generating new band names, powered by Wordnik api integration

Zen boxes - Relaxing visualizer / browser toy, pure CSS and JS

Dejumble - Small personal tool to help solving the daily Jumble puzzle. Uses a cusom pre-processed dictionary of words with characters sorted alphabetically for instant response finding anagrams.

Snail - A silly slow moving message delivery

NateLeekspin - A personal tribute to the original viral flash animation but modernized to HTML5

Watchmen - Creative fan site test with comic-inspired CSS stylings (unfinished / abandoned)

Strobe Light - Micro strobe light web app (epilipsy warning!)

Succulent Spinners - Playful interactive widget

Interviews / Code Challenges


TypeScript Todo List - Todo app with loading states, drag and drop sort, persistent local storage state (React, TypeScript)


Student Info - Table of student info listings with searches, filters, and adding tags as features (React)

Kanban - A simple Kanban board built exactly to specs with React. Add cards, move cards to different lists, persistent browser storage state.

Multi Stopwatch - React component for creating and destroying a collection of online stopwatches / timers