Recent Experience:

Mojave Interactive, Inc

Sr Software Engineer | June 2022 - Present
Web Developer | July 2020 - May 202

    I am a senior software engineer at Mojave, a digital agency that produces and maintains beautiful and performant web properties for a wide variety of clients. I regularly work directly with Mojave’s senior leadership team (Founder, VP Technology, Client Success and Operations Manager, among others) as well as collaborating directly with high level clients including founders and executive parties.

Representative Work:

  • Lead developer for complete rebranding and replatforming of our refreshed company website!
    • Implemented an SEO and pagespeed optimized static site generation pipeline (SSG) using Vue and Nuxt, with Prismic CMS for easy content management, and Firebase function integration with Mailchimp API for newsletters.
    • Set up automated CI/CD pipelines with Gitlabs and Netlify for easy branching deployment and QA
    • Worked directly with designers in asset production, and then implemented bespoke interactive scrolling sections for a unique user experience
    • Extended Prismic HTML serializer to add key authorship functionalities in blog post publishing without relying on developer assistance
    • Orchestrated site release by configuring and testing production environments and providing a seamless DNS cutover, allowing for a zero-downtime launch
  • Provided multiple external clients with full stack / front end contract development work, code reviews, architecture design, maintenance and operations, library development, and legacy app maintenance.
  • Managed a long-standing client relationship on my own day-to-day by providing development support and flexibly meeting the needs of a large number of internal client stakeholder parties.
  • Achieved multiple new web property launches in less than 2 years by working in small agile development teams. Supplemented offshore developers by providing management or guidance on difficult development issues, providing easily understandable technical communications to non-technical clients or stakeholders.
  • Employed a variety of cutting-edge tools and modern technologies in production to meet specific client needs, including Vue / React (SPA frameworks), Nuxt / Gatsby (SSG / SSR frameworks), Prismic / Contentful / Contentstack / Statamic (CMS platforms, mainly headless configurations), Firebase / AWS / Netlify / Heroku (Deployment and Hosting, CI/CD), Cloudflare and Fastly (CDN / DNS providers).
  • Performed emergency triage on high priority outages and glitches by diagnosing end-to-end platform architecture and isolating problem areas, resulting in rapid recovery times and reduced interruption in live user experience.

Turnitin (via Mojave)

Nov 2020 - Present

For Turnitin, a longstanding enterprise level client, I have provided ongoing technical knowledge and development support to the Corporate Marketing team for 1.5+ years. I report directly to Director, Digital Marketing, previously reported to VP of Marketing. I also regularly meet with Sr. Manager of Web Strategy to work together on larger issues.

  • Delivered frontend development and maintenance work on enterprise level Statamic CMS website via JavaScript, HTML, PostCSS with Tailwind CSS, Salesforce / Pardot, legacy jQuery
  • Constructed new and maintained legacy CMS templates. Provided mobile and content responsive designs allowing a large multi-region marketing team to flexibly author unique landing pages for localized campaign initiatives
  • Provided under the hood fixes to content structure and classification, SEO and sitemap issues, routing issues, and more to Statamic CMS, addressing many long-standing user and author frustrations on a large legacy web property
  • Administered technical interview panel screens and reviewed candidates on a spectrum of technical topics related to Turnitin's specific architecture and needs, leading to a successful hire for Sr. Manager of Web Strategy
  • Collaboratively supported key web platform architecture decisions by providing independent research and audits on different platform options, assessing the scope and needs of Turnitin's web properties as they scale globally and make new EdTech acquisitions, attending meetings with SaaS vendors (and leading sections on technical requirements), providing written suggestions in organized documents with reference sources

Alpaca DB, Inc

Engineer | 2019 - April 2020

At Alpaca (API for Stock and Crypto Trading) I got my first chance to deploy production code on a new fintech product using modern toolsets, and my work was quickly brought up to industry standards in the fast paced startup environment by a strong technical founder.

  • Built data intensive internal administrator tools on Golang PSQL backend including server site pagination and bulk action execution to simplify administrative workflow
  • Implemented complete redesign of the static company landing site including creating custom CSS and JavaScript animations, following best practices for SEO, and writing native JavaScript solutions to replace legacy jQuery scripts for page speed optimization
  • Added customer facing styled React components to the user dashboard including interfacing with Plaid for money transfers, advanced user profile settings, as well as fixed bugs relating to login / onboarding flow
  • Provided fast turnaround on daily operational tasks including manual PSQL database updates, AWS Cognito pool management, and regular compliance or disclosure language updates across all company hosted web services.
  • Worked with React, Redux, Go, Elm, Plaid API, Hugo, Material UI, Antd frameworks and libraries to add features on main application dashboard, marketing landing page, documentation site, and admin panel web properties.


via Mojave, 2020-2021

Former design agency acquired by Twitter in 2021. I provided Ueno's founder with full technical audits, migrations, and archivings of dozens of legacy web apps after Ueno found itself without technical maintainers after the acquisition.

  • Migrated a number of web properties to new CDNs and web hosts, including Netlify, Heroku, Cloudflare, Fastly, and Namecheap, to simplify company IT and save on monthly fees
  • Maintained legacy applications and codebases including fixing issues related to google OAuth, diagnosing and repairing broken builds, updating dependencies and tech stacks, and other minor bug fixes across many codebases and repositories
  • Provided a full technical audit of Ueno owned web properties and fixed issues relating to DNS configurations, deprecated libraries and technologies
  • Saved over $10,000 a year in monthly fees by switching services, decommissioning unused services, moving to static site generation, etc.

Alcatraz AI

via Mojave, 2020

AI security startup in touchless authentication. I was a primary developer in architecting the CMS powered static generated marketing website from the ground up.

  • Employed Gatsby for static site generation with Typescript and React, integrated with Prismic CMS to make a complete and performant web platform for the new company website
  • Configured Gitlab CI/CD tools with AWS to automatically build and deploy new content or code changes, including testing environments, allowing for cheap and efficient future site updates
  • Made a custom canvas-based animation renderer tied to user scroll position with GSAP and scrollmagic
  • Integrated Prismic with publication web hooks, allowing non-technical users to update content or create new dynamically styled content slices or publish completely new pages
  • Helped tech director make accurate work estimates and timelines for another major web project

Additional Select Projects:

For Engine 1 via Mojave
  • Built accessible / outlook compatible bespoke designed HTML email templates with Pardot
  • Worked directly with Mojave VP Technology on providing p0 outage triage / on call support to rapidly assess and repair production issues during sensitive active trading hours.
  • Helped set up specialized Nuxt Server Side Rendering enviroment continuously deployed to Firebase functions and integrated with Contentstack for instant rendering of preview content, allowing for increased authorship speed and flexibility as well as accelerating QA time.

For Guideline via Mojave
  • Worked on a library of accessible React components within an internal package, to help guideline roll out their new brand across multiple web platforms
  • Used Rebass with Emotion.js and styled components for easily customizable and extendable style theming for future projects within the Guideline ecosystem

For Aatlas via Mojave
  • Addressed Vue SPA issue with SEO by employing firebase functions to inject proper meta data before serving page requests, allowing for customized user pages with proper headers and tags
  • Helped solved OAuth issues and helped consult on NoSQL schema / backend design for increased scalability and ease of development

For EssenceMediacom via Mojave
  • Oversaw successful creation and timed release of new company landing page under an extremely tight deadline, while remaining a high level of confidentiality throughout the process
  • Exported Webflow generated site to Netlify CiCD pipeline with customized headers to address webflow limitations in GDPR compliance, and optimize pagespeed delivery